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.: WIP - dA ID and Birthday Girt re-do :. by RurikoRui .: WIP - dA ID and Birthday Girt re-do :. by RurikoRui
I've so much WIPs in my folder and I keep deferring it cause I'm lazy and busy.. orz.

SK. I AM STILL PLANNING TO DRAW OUR FAMILY BOND THING. I SHALL NOT FORGET IT. :iconanimagirlfs: randomlytagyouhere.I'mredoingitjustsoyouknow.It'llprobablybeatAugustorsomething.Afterprom,IhavetopreparetomigratebacktoIndonesiaaaaaXDD((jks.I'monlygoingforaholiday))andIneedtoprepareaBdaygiftforBlaine.I'llpostithere.Feelfreetoprintitthough!!

Ah, I know this is a lame idea to ask for opinion seeing that I don't have many watchers /sobs .

This is a WIP of my next ID and a Bday gift redo for Katie. Both are UTAUs (exceptthatshehasn'treleasedhersyet). We're currently thinking for a group name like.. the (name) loid thing for the group. But it doesn't have to be a ... loid name.. so anyone help me with the brainstorm? Oh. and the predominant color for the girl. (Red and blue is taken. The orangey colour thing is just an idea. but I don't know if it fits her or not..)

nuff rant.

I tried out Suzunosuke's style for this. It took me AAAAGEEEEES. Like.. 1 hr 45 mins. I know I tried it for my Art coursework, but that was Synchronicity. and it was a doodle. And now, I think I'm gonna fail the coloring. damn.

oh. and psst. The video of "Hurting for a Very Hurtful Pain is up. Check it out. I might re-upload it again though. Iwantedittobefullscreen,butitseemslikeituploadedittobe16:4orwhatevertheratiois

Ok. Back to revision. Wish me luck. Ihave3examsinthenext3weeeeeks.. D: D: D: /sobsinemocorner

:bulletred: Rei Kanamine (c) me ((morelikemedressingupasRei,sinceIhadRei'shartobetiedupatthebackandifitwereme,that'dbemoresuitableseeingthatmyhairissuperduperlongtothepointthatitreachesmy..."butt"
:bulletorange: upcomingUTAU Chang (Ithinkthecreatorisre-namingheragain.. so I'lljustputitupasChang.</strike> (c) See Mai/Katie
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AnimaGirlFS Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi there, you don't really have to do that Family Bond thing but I love you for saying that anyway :heart:

Please don't migrate back to Indonesia, I'd miss you <3
RurikoRui Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi back to you again godwhydoyousoundsoformal??we'refamilieeeeeeeeeeeees

nononononononono. It's fiiiiiiiiine. I mean.. I think I've drawn for Lauren, Kate and Jonni.. but.. not you. nor Megan, but I prefer to draw at least one to each person..

lololol. sorry. I was just kidding on the word "migrate". there.. You could say that I'm migratingholidayonly there for 3 weeks only. butIkindawishiamthough
AnimaGirlFS Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

Take your time, it's fine :meow: I need to make/draw/edit something for you~ <3

I'd be really sad if you moved back forever but I can understand why you miss it <3
RurikoRui Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
A li'l ff story about my utaus will make me happy.or anything I don't mind ...

I'll let you know to little secret though. . I'm probably going back/ migrating there in... 6 years
.. xD;; and I shall miss you tooo Dx
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June 8, 2013
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